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Alabama Room:  Local History Resources

All materials denoted by Ala. Coll. before their Dewey Decimal number can be found in the Alabama Room on the second floor of the Julia Tutwiler Library.

  • Books
  • Census,Marriage, and other Sumter County Records
  • Indexes
  • Newspapers on Microfilm
  • Sumter County Court Records on Microfilm


  • Brown, Alan, and David Taylor, eds. Gabr'l Blow Sof': Sumter County, Alabama Slave Narratives. Livingston: Livingston Press, 1997. Ala. Coll. 976.141 J413a
  • Dawson, James T. History of Oxford Presbyterian Church. Meridian: Lauderdale County Department of Archives and History, 1990 Ala. Coll. 285.0976141 D325h
  • Jenkins, Nelle Morris. Pioneer Families of Sumter County, Alabama. Tuscaloosa: Willo Publishing Co., 1961. Ala. Coll. REF 920 J417
  • Johnson, Clarence Le Roy. The Regional Background of Sumter County, Alabama. M.A. Thesis, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1934. Ala. Coll. 976.1 J62r
  • Lyon, Ralph M. A History of Livingston University: 1835-1963. Livingston: Livingston University Press, 1976. Ala. Coll. 976.141 L994h
  • Remington, Craig W., and Thomas J. Kallsen, eds. Historical Atlas of Alabama Volume 1: Historical Locations by County. Tuscaloosa: Department of Geography, University of Alabama, 1997. Ala. Coll. REF 911.09761 H629
  • Reynolds, Marylee. "A Social and Economic History of Sumter County, Alabama, in the Antebellum Period." M.A. Thesis, University of Alabama, 1953. Ala. Coll. 330.90761 R338s
  • Riddick, Tut Altman. The Monuments of York: A Community Scrapbook. Mobile: Heart Press, 1980. Ala. Coll. 976.141 r431m
  • Smith, Louis Roycraft. A History of Sumter County, Alabama, Through 1886. Ph.D. Diss., University of Alabama, 1988. Ann Arbor, UMI, 1988. Ala. Coll. 378t Sm 61h 1988
  • Spratt, R.D.. A History of the Town of Livingston, Alabama. Livingston: Livingston Press, 1997. Ala. Coll. 976.1 Sp76h
  • Williamson, B.B. History of Livingston First Baptist Church: Sesquicentennial 1834-1984. Livingston: Sumter Graphics, 1984. Ala. Coll. 286.176141 W 676 h


Census, Marriage, and other Sumter County Records


  • Arrington, Jud K. Public Cemeteries of Sumter County, Alabama: 1834-1972. Livingston: Livingston Press, 1998. Ala. Coll. REF 929.5 P96
  • Jenkins, Nelle Morris. Abstracts from Orphans' Minutes Book #1, 1833-1839, Sumter County, Alabama; Letters, Marriage Records 1833-39, Poll Lists, Presbyterian Church Records. Emelle, 1961. Ala. Coll. REF 976.141 J413a
  • Jenkins, Nelle Morris, and E. B. Stegall. Abstracts from Orphan's Minutes Book No. 2, 1839-1841, Sumter County, Alabama; with Wills, Marriages and Other Records. Emelle, 1962. Ala. Coll. REF 976.141 J413ab
  • Stegall, Joseph F. and Jud K. Arrington. Index to Wills and Estate Administrations 1834-1884; Register of Deaths 1881-1892; and Cemetery Records. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, Inc., 1997. Ala. Coll. REF 929.376141 St 32s


Newspapers on Microfilm (Located in microfilm cabinets on first floor of Library.)

  • The Daily Army Argus and Crisis (Gainesville) 1865 May 8.
  • The Gainesville Times (Gainesville) 1909 April 16 - 1910 March 17.
  • The Independent (Gainesville), 1854 November 18 - 1865 September 23.
  • The Livingston Journal (Livingston), 1865 July 15 - 1895 October 24. Missing issues: 1869 January - 1870 December.
  • The Livingston Messenger (Livingston) 1867 June 3.
  • Our Southern Home (Livingston), 1895 November 7 - 1961 June 29.
  • Sumter County Journal (York), 1922 November 10 - 1995 June 29.
  • Sumter County Record Journal (Livingston) 1995 July 6 - 1998 December 31.
  • Sumter County Sun (Livingston) 1889 March 23 - 1913 June 26.   Click here for a list of missing issues.
  • Sumter County Whig (Livingston), 1843 May 2 - 1856 April 23. Missing issues: 1845 May - 1851 March.
  • The Sumter Democrat (Livingston), 1851 May 3 - 1854 April 22.
  • The Sumter Enterprise (Epes), 1907 April 11 - 1911 December 21.
  • The Voice of Sumter (Livingston), 1836 March 15 - 1840 June 27.


Sumter County Court Records on Microfilm (Located in microfilm cabinets on first floor of Library.)

  • Sumter County, Alabama, Circuit Court.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Affidavit.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Circuit Court in Equity.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Lien Book.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Miscellaneous Records.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Gas, Oil, and Mineral Leases.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Jury List 1962-1967.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Power of Attorney.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Plat and Tract Book 18?? - 19??.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Poll List 1968.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Bond Book 1963-1968.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Commission Appropriations 1837-1856.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Record of Incorporation 1881-1914.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Probate Court Records and Minutes 1884-1961.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Orphan Court Records 1833-1881.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Wills 1833-1993.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Marriage Books 1833-1968.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Mortgage Books 1947-1990.
  • Sumter County, Alabama, Deeds 1833-1993. 

Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek

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Significant Events in the History of The University of West Alabama (by Sheila Limerick - UWA Archivist)

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